PIVlab 1.4

I just uploaded the 1.4 release (compatible with R2014b and earlier). Download it here:

PIVlab is now also available as 'App'. You can install it in Matlab by double-clicking on 'PIVlab.mlappinstall'.

  • MATLAB R2014b compatibility (yaay!)
  • Backwards compatible (the oldest version I could test is R2011a, but it should also work with much older releases)
  • Improved speed of FFT and the spline window deformation (due to some changes in R2014b)
  • Speed testing tool (run Testspeed.m to benchmark your hardware)
  • New default colormap Parula
  • Packaged app makes installation and execution simpler
  • Several minor fixes / improvements


  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure if its just me not being able to find it or that this function is unavailable/impossible.

    Is it possible to set PIVlab to go through one more pass near the edges of the mask, in order to get a better resolution near curved edges, while also not using too much time on going through such a small interrogation area over the entire frame?

  2. Hi,
    Your GUI is very helpful for me, can you improve the code changing the way to input the velocity limits? I'd like to write them directly, drawing the rectangle I cannot be so specify. Thank you.

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