Main Features:
* userfriendly and GUI based PIV tool
* multi-pass, multi-grid window deformation technique
* import bmp/ tiff/ jpeg image pairs/ series
* multiple image sequencing styles
* individual image masking and region of interest
* image pre-processing
* two different sub-pixel estimators
* multiple vector validation methods
* magnitude/ vorticity/ divergence/ shear / ...
* data smoothing, vector field highpass
* multiple colormaps
* streamlines
* extensive data extraction tools
* statistics
* synthetic PIV image generator
* Many data export features
* main features accessible via comand line scripting

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some PIV images analyzed in MATLAB with PIVlab

Here are some images that were analyzed with PIVlab. Click for higher resolution.

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  1. Nice collection of practicle PIV images by William Thielicke to measure velocity of different aspects using MATLABtool, I have used MATLAB few years back in my calculas course for functions