Slow motion of clothes in a drying machine...

One PIVlab user wanted to analyse the motion of clothes in a drying machine. He had some problems with his setup, so I decided to check on my own if an analysis would actually work. Surprisingly, it works pretty well!

The original slow motion footage was taken from Youtube:

And this is the analysis:

Keep in mind that this is a very quick and dirty analysis, made with footage that was not meant to be analysed by PIV at all...

PIVlab Update 1.43

Bug fix: When displaying a velocity histogram, older versions did include masked areas under some circumstances. This is fixed in v 1.43

Added example: How to generate masks outside of PIVlab (external_mask_example.m).

Minor enhancement: Calculation speed test now tests speed for small to large interrogation areas.
Download here:

Please support PIVlab!

Please support PIVlab here:
If you like PIVlab, then please help me to update it from time to time: PIVlab needs to be updated regularly, in order to keep track with new and modified Matlab features. Otherwise it might happen that PIVlab doesn't work anymore. My last and current Matlab license is for R2015b. This is more than two years old.

I am trying to collect money to buy a recent Matlab Home license. This enables me to keep track of Matlabs most recent changes and additions, and it will help to keep PIVlab functional in the future! Please help me to achieve this goal! Thanks!!

Video interview: PIVlab - Background and quick start guide

I am talking about why I developed PIVlab and how you can use it for your flow study:

PIVlab screen capture

Here is a quick screen capture, showing how easy PIVlab can be used. Only 9 clicks for a PIV analysis. But PIVlab is packed with pre- and post-processing tools that you can also use - if you want.

What is YOUR machines processing speed?

How fast is your computer running PIVlab? There is a script included with PIVlab, that allows to test your computers processing speed. Just run Testspeed.m from the command window to see your results. You can post them as a comment.  Here are my results:
Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i5-4300U @ 1.9GHz 2.5GHz
64 bit Win 8.1 Pro
MATLAB R2014b 64 bit

DCC calculation speed: 13.8081 ms
DFT calculation speed: 0.30431 ms
Linear interpolation speed: 0.56215 ms
Spline interpolation speed: 1.9602 ms

PC Intel Core i7-2600K @ 3.4GHz
64 bit Win 7 Pro
MATLAB R2014b 64 bit

DCC calculation speed: 6.0144 ms
DFT calculation speed: 0.28481 ms
Linear interpolation speed: 0.53755 ms
Spline interpolation speed: 1.1093 ms

Acer Switch5 Intel Core i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz
64 bit Win 10 Home
MATLAB (R2015b)

DCC calculation speed: 4.1283 ms
DFT calculation speed: 0.18304 ms
Linear interpolation speed: 0.25262 ms
Spline interpolation speed: 0.8413 ms