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If you like PIVlab, then please help me to update it from time to time: PIVlab needs to be updated regularly, in order to keep track with new and modified Matlab features. Otherwise it might happen that PIVlab doesn't work anymore. My last and current Matlab license is for R2015b. This is more than two years old.

I am trying to collect money to buy a recent Matlab Home license. This enables me to keep track of Matlabs most recent changes and additions, and it will help to keep PIVlab functional in the future! Please help me to achieve this goal! Thanks!!

Major update: PIVlab 2.0

In the past, it happened quite often that the user interface of PIVlab was not displayed correctly on Mac computers. So I decided to completely reprogram the user interface "by hand" (that means without using Matlabs built-in GUI IDE called "GUIDE"). It was quite some work, but I believe PIVlab is now future-proof and easier to maintain. GUIDE was crashing pretty often in the last months, making enhancements very difficult.

So these are the changes:GUI rewritten from scratch, should now be displayed correctly on all operating systemsAdded prefernces in the menu: You can change the panel width of the UI if the UI elements are not scaled correctly.Changed "Load external mask": You can now make masks outside of PIVlab and save them as black-and-white TIFs. When you import these masks, then white will become a masked area and black is non-masked area.Added TECPLOT file format for export.Background subtraction GUI only worked with grayscale images --> fixed…

Order a book about PIVlab!

I still have a number of my dissertation books, it contains an extensive chapter on PIVlab. You can order a copy for 3 Euros + shipping (the money will be used to add to my Paypal money pool which will one day be used to renew my Matlab license).

The beauty of PIV cross-correlation!

Do you like cross-correlation? You should when you visited this website...

PIVlab Update v1.50

This update brings some new features and performance enhancements:

'Repeated correlation' I added the option 'repeated correlation'. I got the idea while I was working with another software (PIVview). 'Repeated correlation' can enhance your data yield when you are working with very noise or gernerally bad PIV images. It does the cross-correlation not only once per vector, but 5 times in total. Each time, it slightly shifts the interrogation windows (the distance depends on the size of your interrogation area, but it's about 5-10 pixels). This happens during each pass in a multipass analysis. In the end, it multiplies the 5 resulting matrices, which results in less noise an a very clear peak. But it also takes about 3 times longer to calculate...

Background elimination The next big addition is the background elimination GUI. If you have recorded a longer time series of image data, it makes sometimes sense to calculate the average of all images, and subtract…

600 citations on Google Scholar!

Thank you dear users of PIVlab for making this software pretty popular!
I will keep on improving the features whenever possible.

Slow motion of clothes in a drying machine...

One PIVlab user wanted to analyse the motion of clothes in a drying machine. He had some problems with his setup, so I decided to check on my own if an analysis would actually work. Surprisingly, it works pretty well!

The original slow motion footage was taken from Youtube:

And this is the analysis:

Keep in mind that this is a very quick and dirty analysis, made with footage that was not meant to be analysed by PIV at all...

PIVlab Update 1.43

Bug fix: When displaying a velocity histogram, older versions did include masked areas under some circumstances. This is fixed in v 1.43

Added example: How to generate masks outside of PIVlab (external_mask_example.m).

Minor enhancement: Calculation speed test now tests speed for small to large interrogation areas.
Download here: