Donations complete - thank you!

As my personal Matlab license was pretty old, I was asking for donations for renewing my license during the last 365 days. It is important that I have a recent Matlab version to keep PIVlab alive.

And today, the donations reached 99.37 EUR, and I just renewed my Matlab license :-D Thank you! The new Matlab release even makes PIVlab 10.24 % faster!

Update PIVlab 2.01

New features:
The user can now load time-resolved masks instead of single masksThe user can now select the color of the color legend labelThe PIV settings are now checked automatically, and a warning is given if unusual parameters were selected 
Bug fixes: Loading session files from older PIVlab versions is now possible (forum post)Fixed bug where the tools panel showed slightly incorrect data sometimes (forum post)Fixed bug where a warning message was displayed too often (forum post)

Major update: PIVlab 2.0

In the past, it happened quite often that the user interface of PIVlab was not displayed correctly on Mac computers. So I decided to completely reprogram the user interface "by hand" (that means without using Matlabs built-in GUI IDE called "GUIDE"). It was quite some work, but I believe PIVlab is now future-proof and easier to maintain. GUIDE was crashing pretty often in the last months, making enhancements very difficult.

So these are the changes:GUI rewritten from scratch, should now be displayed correctly on all operating systemsAdded prefernces in the menu: You can change the panel width of the UI if the UI elements are not scaled correctly.Changed "Load external mask": You can now make masks outside of PIVlab and save them as black-and-white TIFs. When you import these masks, then white will become a masked area and black is non-masked area.Added TECPLOT file format for export.Background subtraction GUI only worked with grayscale images --> fixed…

Order a book about PIVlab!

I still have a number of my dissertation books, it contains an extensive chapter on PIVlab. You can order a copy for 3 Euros + shipping (the money will be used to add to my Paypal money pool which will one day be used to renew my Matlab license).

The beauty of PIV cross-correlation!

Do you like cross-correlation? You should when you visited this website...

PIVlab Update v1.50

This update brings some new features and performance enhancements:

'Repeated correlation' I added the option 'repeated correlation'. I got the idea while I was working with another software (PIVview). 'Repeated correlation' can enhance your data yield when you are working with very noisy or generally bad PIV images. It does the cross-correlation not only once per vector, but 5 times in total. Each time, it slightly shifts the interrogation windows (the distance depends on the size of your interrogation area, but it's about 5-10 pixels). This happens during each pass in a multipass analysis. In the end, it multiplies the 5 resulting matrices, which results in less noise an a very clear peak. But it also takes about 3 times longer to calculate...

Background elimination The next big addition is the background elimination GUI. If you have recorded a longer time series of image data, it makes sometimes sense to calculate the average of all images, and subtract …

600 citations on Google Scholar!

Thank you dear users of PIVlab for making this software pretty popular!
I will keep on improving the features whenever possible.