PIVlab 1.1 released

PIVlab v 1.1, added features / improvements:

  • better smoothing algorithm (smoothn.m) if supported (otherwise gaussian kernel is used)
  • removed several known bugs/ pitfalls
  • added a feature to extract tangential velocity along a series of circles with increasing radius (useful to calculate vortex circulation)
  • added a feature to extract circulation via integrating the vorticity over area for a series of an increasing area
  • added a feature to calculate the weighted centroid of derived parameters
  • improvements in the particle image generation algorithm
  • added several flow simulations (including Hamel-Oseen vortices and vortex pairs)
  • vector width is user selectable
Download PIVlab @ Matlab Central


  1. It is great news about the addition of new features to the MATLAB. These were much needed improvements and its great to hear about them. Thanks for sharing the news and providing the link.


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