PIVlab 1.13 released

  • Changed figure and all UI element units from pixels to points. This hopefully solves some problems with displaying the GUI.
  • Statistics toolbox no longer required to run PIVlab (implemented NaN Suite by J. Gläscher into PIVlab)
Download PIVlab 1.13 @ Matlab Central


  1. Hello William,
    Thanks for sharing this usefull toolbox especially for beginners.
    I was wondering if the toolbox enables us to do the following:
    Say we are tracking the displacement of beads, this will surely provide us with displacement vectors, now are we able to obtain the force and pressure that a body is subjecting onto the bead?
    Thank you kindly

  2. Hi William:
    Amazing work. Thanks so much for sharing that to the public. If you can add the averaging over all the image pairs for calculating the velocity or other stuff it might be useful for steady cases.
    Thanks again and appreciate your time and talent.

  3. Great work! This tool is amazing, very reliable and easy to use. I was wondering whether it is possible to change the shape of the interrogation windows?
    Best wishes


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