PIVlab 1.2: Window deformation & streamlines

The new PIVlab release supports an advanced correlation technique (I want to thank Kyle Lynch for the discussion about this). Using a multipass window deformation technique, significantly reduces noise in the data. The maximal vector resolution can also be increased and peak-locking is reduced a lot. PIV images that have a low quality can now be processed with higher precision (see the video at the bottom).
Additionally, it is possible to draw some streamlines and streamline rakes, this is useful for adding some qualitative information to the analyses.
The image export procedure has also been improved, it is possible to export the displayed result at any desired resolution (only limited by the RAM on your computer).

Standard direct cross-correlation (DCC) analysis using a 14*14px interrogation area with 50% overlap:

Multipass, window-deformation using a 6*6px interrogation area with 50% overlap in the final pass:

Processing low quality images:

The new code will be uploaded to MATLAB Central soon, I just have to do some final tests.


  1. Features to be added in the next release:
    * Modify vector color
    * Apply to all frames in Extractions
    * PPPIV post processing
    * S2N for correlation matrices
    * Post-processing from commandline
    * Load user-generated masks
    * Save as AVI -> default path = image folder
    * Plot only every nth vector

  2. * Add Line Integral Convolution (LIC) feature from the Matlab Vector Field Visualization toolkit.
    * Add display update between individual passes

  3. * Load externally generated vector fields (*.mat files, containing x y u v variables, dim=2)

  4. Implemented and under test: Modify vector color; Apply to all frames in Extractions; Save as AVI -> default path = image folder; Plot only every nth vector; Add display update between individual passes

  5. Implemented and under test: Line Integral Convolution (LIC) feature from the Matlab Vector Field Visualization toolkit

  6. Implemented and under test: Load user-generated masks

  7. Implemented and under test: Post-processing from commandline; Image preview during image selection

  8. Hello,
    Thanks for such a powerfull PIV tool! I was wondering, could you give us more information about the window deformation algorithm? I was also wondering, is there any way we could choose interrogation windows other that are rectangular rather than perfect squares? Best wishes andd thanks again for this!


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