PIVlab 1.3

PIVlab version 1.3 is out!

New features:
  • Modify vector color
  • Apply to all frames in area / line extractions
  • Post-processing from commandline
  • Load user-generated masks
  • Plot only every nth vector
  •  Line Integral Convolution (LIC) feature from the Matlab Vector Field Visualization toolkit (http://sccn.ucsd.edu/~nima/)
  • Add display update between individual passes
  • Image preview during image selection
  • Modified interrogation area preview
  • Several small improvements

 Screenshots of some of the changes:
Modify plot appearance

Area extractions (do extractions for all frames)

Image preview

Preview of the interrogation area

Line Integral Convolution

Line Integral Convolution

Poly line extractions (do extractions for all frames)


  1. where is the download link? I have a question related to the u and v . Are they the components to velocity magnitude and the related x,y are the co-ordinates for the u and v? and the units of u and v are in m/s?

  2. about the download link: i don't know. on the matlab file exchange page is still 1.2
    about your seconds question: yes, and yes.
    and you have to calibrate your results to have the velocities in m/s otherwise it's just pixels per frame/imageset.


  3. Hi, there is no version 1.3 out! :*(

    Please, provide a valid download link for it, since we're so desperately eager to see the changes you've made to it! ;)


  4. Hi there,
    I am still avaiting the approval to include the line integral convolution in PIVlab...

  5. PIVlab 1.3 is now available for download at the Matlab File Exchange:

  6. Changes in next release:
    * Included units (e.g. "m", "m/s", "1/s" or "px", "px/frame", "1/frame" etc.) wherever possible
    * Export image as EPS
    * Modified "Export to Matlab Workspace" (all data available now)
    * Colorbar position can be adjusted
    To Do:
    * Experiment with parallel computing toolbox...

  7. good work .
    perhaps you could consider a couple of thigs:
    1º) signa-to-noyse fitering: susing the relationshi betwenn the the tow may pesk of cross-correlation function you can estimathe the goodness of the corelation and eliminate easyly n mor efficiently regions with no particles (signal to noise ratio near to 1)
    2º tophat filtering: it's a topoligical hight pas fitering for preprocessing very usefull with pixel like particles.

    I have implemente these modification in you last two relases. and they work quie well with PIV in flames.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to ask, how to change the grid step? Means, now I think that the step is equal 8 or 9. I would like to have smaller one.

    1. Hi, currently, the grid distance is calculated from the interrogation window size (50% overlap). If you want to have a finer grid, then you have to decrease the interrogation area in the last pass. Or you can use the DCC algorithm in which you can choose the step size (= grid spacing). But FFT multipass performs better.

  9. Can anyone help me to find cross co relation co efficient by using PIV LAB ? .. How can i find it .. I explored the software .. but i couldn find :(

    1. What is a cross correlation coefficient? Sorry, I don't know what it is. Do you mean the correlation matrix...?


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