Matlab R2014b compatibility donation

Mathworks changed a lot in their latest Matlab release (R2014b), making it incompatible with PIVlab 1.35 (and probably many other toolboxes). I'd like to make it compatible, but I need access to Matlab R2014b to do the necessary changes and to find all the issues.

I already contacted Mathworks, but they are not willing to support me with an extended trial version. I am not working at the university anymore, therefore I don't have access to any academic licenses.

A "Home license" of Matlab + Image processing toolbox is 134 euros.

If you're interested in this update, then please donate as much or as little as you like. But please note that your donation does not guarantee that I will succeed in making the necessary changes. You do not receive any additional rights. Everything I do is just voluntary - just like your donation.

If I manage to receive 134 Euros until the 15. march 2015, I'll buy the license and start trying to make PIVlab compatible. If I do not manage to receive 134 Euros in total, then you will get your money back (excluding the paypal fee... sorry).

I will update the current status of the donations as often as possible in this post.

Click the Paypal button to make your donation...:

Thanks, let's see what happens...!

--UPDATE: The goal of 134 Euros was reached on the 04. february 2014. I am now working on the patch.

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