Major update: PIVlab 2.0

In the past, it happened quite often that the user interface of PIVlab was not displayed correctly on Mac computers. So I decided to completely reprogram the user interface "by hand" (that means without using Matlabs built-in GUI IDE called "GUIDE"). It was quite some work, but I believe PIVlab is now future-proof and easier to maintain. GUIDE was crashing pretty often in the last months, making enhancements very difficult.

I needed to print the whole interface on paper to correctly recreate it from scratch

So these are the changes:

  • GUI rewritten from scratch, should now be displayed correctly on all operating systems
  • Added prefernces in the menu: You can change the panel width of the UI if the UI elements are not scaled correctly.
  • Changed "Load external mask": You can now make masks outside of PIVlab and save them as black-and-white TIFs. When you import these masks, then white will become a masked area and black is non-masked area.
  • Added TECPLOT file format for export.
  • Background subtraction GUI only worked with grayscale images --> fixed.   
  • "Save as Matlab file" improved: Will now save in a slightly different format. If you click "Save all frames", then only one mat-file will be generated that contains the data of all frames.
  • Improved "Save session": Now uses compression and a more recent file format.
  • Fixed bug when exporting as image files
  • Enhanced the "Disable autocorrelation" method
  • Fixed bug when zooming
  • Fixed minor UI bugs

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