Currently, the PIVlab forum is spammed with annoying dating posts. Every day, I have to delete several spam messages. Does anyone know an alternative to the "Nabble Forum"? Any hints would be welcome!

Here is the link to the PIVlab Forum 


  1. Hello, My question is not directly related to PIVlab but any help will be highly appreciated. I have a video of blowing air and i need to locate the vortex in it. The hole through which air blows out of pray gun is very small that i cannot mix any seeding particles in it. Thus, i have used just a hot air in it and taken schlieren video. As i do not have any specific particle and air changes its intensity with position between two consecutive frames. Thus, i feel like PIV was not helpful for my case where particles doesn't have constant intensity throughout all frames. What would be the way to deal with it?

  2. Thanks for the software, is there a way we can create a function in PIV lab. Is it possible to create a function for fluctuation.

  3. Thanks for your fantastic work,Williams. I have a problem when I use your toolbox. Do you have some ideas or plans to extend the present 2-D PIV toolbox to 3-D PIV calculations ? It's a key point but hard work for my thesis. Looking forward your reply. Thanks again.


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