PIVlab update 2.2

New features / enhancements:
  • New and enhanced correlation algorithm (linear correlation instead of circular correlation). Details here.
  • Correlation quality dropdown menu:
    • Normal: Circular correlation, linear window deformation
    • Better: Circular correlation, spline window deformation
    • High: Linear correlation, spline window deformation
    • Extreme: Linear correlation, spline window deformation, repeated correlation
  • Suggestion for selecting an appropriate interrogation area size. Works by trying to count the amount of texture / particles and calculating the maximum displacement. PIVlab will try to suggest settings so that every window contains sufficient texture / particles and the displacement is not too large.
  • Quick acces toolbar for the most important PIVlab functions. Will not be displayed if there is not enough space in PIVlab's program window.
  • Automatic histogram limiting and stretching works now seperately for both images of a frame. This accounts better for unevenly illuminated images
  • Synthtic image generator now saves an additional file with information on the real displacement of every pixel
  • Added "Analyze current frame" button in PIV settings tab. Makes it easier to play with the settings and to see the effects instantly
  • Added x and y image coordinates when exporting data from polylines / circles
  • In addition to the existing possibility of calculating mean velocities over time, you can now also calculate the sum of velocities / displacement

Bug fixes:
  • PDF file export fixed

Quick access buttons

Correlation quality dropdown menu
'Analyze current frame' button in the PIV settings menu

Suggest PIV settings in the PIV settings menu
Example for suggested PIV settings

Sum of displacements can now be calculated

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